Welcome Teachers to the student-run Lady Andal Alumni website.

This platform is a place to reconnect for us alumni, and we hope it is also as much a space for you to reconnect with your past students & colleagues. 

Next year in December 2020 we aim to have the first twenty year reunion for batches 2000 and 2001 combined.

To that effect we will inviting all teachers who would not only taught class 12, but also all the teachers who taught the batches as they grew through the years right from junior Montessori. 

We encourage you to share this page with as many current and ex-teachers you may know so that we can have a compete directory.

Starting next year we aim to share the database with all registered teachers so that you can connect with all your current and ex-colleagues as well

Please do register below.

For more information you can reach out to Samir Jacob – samirjacob@gmail.com, Imran Namazi – imran@cselian.com, Sachin Nichani – Snichani@gmail.com

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