School Song and Prayer

School Song

school is the place for every kind of fun
living and learning together as one
this is the place where we learn and grow
theres so much to see and to know

we step into school at start of day
with promises to keep to study and play
when work gets over and done
we run out to play to have some fun

Our school is the very best
it stands above the rest
service with a smile
school is our home away from home

o school we love you more and more
for making us stronger than before
for all the tears and giggles that we shared
for making us feel so loved and cared

you will always make us smile with pride
even one day when weve left you behind
the world will be scary but well stand tall
for we belong to Lady Andal

School Prayer

O Lord of Mercy and love.
Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient!
We pray to thee in all humility and reverence,
To help us in pursuit of knowledge
Under the guidance of our teachers;
Grant us the understanding heart,
Enquiring, fertile and balanced mind,
Faith, devotion and wisdom,
To concentrate on our studies fully,
Showing steady progress, day after day,
Make us phsicall fit, mentally alert and spiritually secure
To follow the path of righteousness, leading on to Glory;
Free us from all perils and pestilence
Above all shape our conduct and character aright
To become worthy and eminent citizens.